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Frequently Asked Questions

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What OS or platform does HWS use?
Our servers run Apache Web server on Cobalt RaQ Servers.

What do I need to use HWS's web hosting services?
If you are viewing this page, then you have all that is requried to take advantage of HWS's service - a computer with an Internet connection.

Does HWS offer dial-up access to the Internet?
No, you will need to contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) for local dial-up access to the Internet.

Does HWS offer 24 hour technical support?
Yes we do. We offer 24x7x365 always-on support via email. We have a dedicated team of qualified support technicians tackling any problems you might be having around the clock. We pride ourselves in our level of customer support. On average, technical support requests are resolved within 1-2 hours.

How do we know our customers like our service? 35% of our new orders are from either existing customers or referral from existing customers. 

What kind of connection does HWS have to the Internet backbone?
HWS connects to the Internet backbone through OC3 and multiple T3 lines through IPWorld. This ensures the fastest and the most reliable connection to the Internet backbone.

Does HWS also design web pages?
HWS does not offer web designing services. However, we have several relationships with web page designers and consultants. HWS will be happy to send you a list of these companies. Please contact us for more information.

What is the typical HWS server configuration? 
HWS's minimum server configurations are AMD Athalon machines with 7200 RPM HDD. 

Does HWS offer shopping carts?
Yes, our Ultimate Platinum and Ultimate E-Commerce Plan come with our Qstore.

Can I securely accept credit card information through my website?
Yes, all of packages come with SSL. With our secure server you can securely accept credit card information. 

Is it possible to process credit card transactions in real time? 
You need three things to process the credit card payments in real time.

1) A Merchant Account
2) A Real-time credit card processing account

3) A Shopping cart that supports your choice of real-time credit card processing solution

Does HWS provide any database solutions?
Yes, MySQL is supported.

Do you offer any ready-to-run cgi-scripts? 
Yes, HWS offers several ready-to-run cgi-scripts with all of our plans. These scripts include FormMail(for emailing form results), cgiemail(also for emailing form results), Guestbook, WWWboard(bbs), counter. HWS is also constantly looking for reliable and popular cgi-scripts that we can offer and make available to our customers so expect this list to expand.

Does HWS allow cronjob?
Yes, HWS does permit cronjob. However, we ask our customers to receive prior approval before running cronjobs because they may become such very resource intensive.

Does HWS support third level domains or subdomains?
Yes, HWS supports third level domains with any of our web hosting packages. Third level domains save money because they do not require InterNIC registration.

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