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Click here to order your own personalized Licensed Practitioner's business website today.

A “NRnet Business Plan Website” is designed to promote your existing business and add new income streams that are built right into your website.  It is the modernized presentation style we use to design and program your personalized practice or business website for you.  It is your website, not a clone, and is dedicated to presenting you and your practice to your clients and potential new clients in your own words.   It comes with two new fully automated online stores.  One is for any products you may already carry and the second is an optional Univera store.  With Univera, you are not required to buy inventory or handle any products, money, billings, or credit card transactions.  You can learn more about our new style website benefits by clicking on "Special Website Offer" at the top of this page. Your easy to use website should help increase your normal practice and includes new income streams.  You can learn more about new income from Univera LifeSciences products by clicking on the PLAY button after you scroll down further on this page. Univera products are the result of over $400 million investment and verified by double blind studies and numerous doctors that take the products and recommend them to their patients. 

Here is a brief introduction to our program designed for your business. The audio portion below tells how many doctors are increasing income $30,000 to $90,000 a year or more from their existing practice with Univera . Please read on to learn more about making money with these additional new income streams and one of our professional websites personalized to your practice--then call us or sign up online for your website and business program today.  Our Special Website Offer includes training for your office staff and our plan and automated website minimizes their time required to help you make more money.


Click here to order your own personalized Licensed Practitioner's business website today.

I have 30 years in the medical industry and would like to share a proven opportunity with you. You are a special challenge because you are so busy, have firm prior opinions, and have special ethical concerns. However, your income potential is the highest as your clients view you as a definite “higher authority” or a friend whose recommendations should be followed.

My key objectives are to educate you on how little of your and your staff’s time our program takes, how your ethics are protected, the science of the products, and how you can make a lot more money through your existing business with our program. (Listen to what doctors are saying about Univera in their private practices and personal lives--see below. )

If you are like many doctors, you do not handle any company’s products or already tried it in the past and are not interested. Would you agree that handling most company’s products doesn’t work because they have some or all of the following problems? They require you to buy and carry their products, they interfere with your regular business, their products are often high hype with low results that jeopardize your ethics, they take up too much of your time and you end up trying to manage a second business, and they don’t have experienced management or proper funding for the long haul or a proven business track record.

I agree with you. Let’s review how our NRnet Univera program is different and how it could help you make another $30,000 to $90,000 a year or more like many doctors are already doing. Actual results vary and will depend on you and your staff, but our NRnet program can help you be more successful. 


  1. No inventory purchases, no product handling, no billing, and no money handling
  2. How it will maintain your ethics and improve your clients’ wellbeing
  3. The research and scientific breakthroughs behind Univera products
  4. Special NRnet programs to minimize your and your staff’s time involvement
  5. How many doctors are making $30,000 to $90,000 a year or more with their existing practice.      

Click on the Play button above to hear why Doctors
are recommending Univera Products to their patients.
NOTE: Audio plays until end or you hit pause even while you visit our other pages


  1. Try a product that would most benefit your health to see your personal results. 
  2. Schedule 30 minutes to an hour to have the program explained to you and how to do it without overly disrupting your practice or personal time.
  3. Recommend proven products for appropriate client conditions and help them submit their first order to Univera. Check on their progress during their follow up visit.
  4. Give them your website address so they can send their friends to learn more about your practice and to buy Univera products they liked and need.  
  5. Plan how to use or invest $30,000 to $90,000 a year or more new income.

In closing, please contact the person who sent you to this website by phone or email to set up a time to answer your questions. If you were not contacted by someone else in Univera, please call or email me.  Either way, I encourage you to be among the first in your type business to introduce clients to Univera in your area. I look forward to personally helping you achieve additional financial success by introducing others to the benefits of Univera products. They changed my life, and they can change yours and your clients’ lives too.

Click here to order your own personalized Licensed Practitioner's business website today.

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