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About HWS

Hosting With Support is a partnership between the U.S. based NRnet Solutions, Inc. and a premier Canadian dedicated server provider.  Together, they bring years of experience to other businesses striving to successfully compete with large established companies and grow their sales. Hosting With Support offers top features and support to help us better serve your business.  

Direct sales of your products is the best answer to competing with big companies by eliminating middlemen and distributors that drive your products' prices out of reach of the average consumer. How do you compete with a multitude of direct salespeople when you are just starting out or expanding? How do you keep your name in front of established and potential new customers if you can not afford $millions in TV and other direct advertising?

Our goal is to help you use the Internet as the great equalizer between your business and large competitors. We start by offering dependable hosting at highly competitive prices and then including most of the other things you need as part of our ongoing support at no extra charge. Our Qstore solves the problem of how to set up and maintain a web site without learning programming or funding a full time programmer. We also provide free and low cost Internet Marketing courses through our affiliate, Internet Marketing Academy.

Or you can move your existing site to our hosting for easy direct control of your Administrative panel to set up new emails, allocate access to FTP, CGI bins and other functions and save money too. We also offer a basic site for beginners and personal use with full website benefits.

In addition to our ready to use Qstore, we provide custom designs and programs for a reasonable cost.

We can make a difference and look forward to earning your ongoing business.

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